Play Music Exporter – Marshmallow Update [Link updated]

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The PlayMusic Exporter is not working on Android Marshmallow. You’re may waiting for an update but i wasn’t able to scan the problem until now. I didn’t own an Android 6.0 device. But today my Nexus 5X was delivered, finally. The newest Version of the system is already pre-installed and it’s a nice, light and fast device. But a little bit too expansive. Of course the first think i did was to root the device. This is more complicated than on older Android Versions. 6.0 dose not allow to execute un-trusted code; in this case the su binary. But i want it, and i did it. The solution was a custom bootloader. This is one of many new security features which were added in Marshmallow.

And one of this features blocks the access to the Play Music database. Now i could see the result in my own hands, i can proof my worst fear. *dramatic break* It’s not true! I thought that every android database is encrypted and could only open by it’s creator app. But i found out, that i was still able to copy the database on my computer and open it without enter a password. The Android-build SQLite-API simply blocks the access to foreign databases. I can simply switch to another API.

I will try this and tell you my results in a few days.

Update #1: I found the problem very fast. The system is not blocking the Database access. I just can’t read and write in my own private storage (/data/data/…). I don’t know why but maybe i can’t use the old legacy IO functions to access the storage anymore. Which is strange because i’m still able to read and write on the internal storage sdcard with them. I’m on it!

Update #2: The problem is temporary solved. The newest beta version can now run on Android 6.0. Temporary cache files are now saved on the internal sdcard, because the read and write access is now limited somehow in the private app data. There are a few layout bugs in the navigation drawer. I will also rework the layout with the android design library.

Update #3: Sorry guys! The GitHub link was not updated automatically. This is now fixed! Thanks to Accolon how found the problem!

Play Music Exporter – Preview version

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Upon a long time i announced a new version of the Play Music Exporter. And here it is! Ok … almost…Screenshot_2015-08-11-22-12-48

There is a beta version to test. This should fix a lot of issues with the current version. No more laggy scrolling and crashing! Jippi!

If you have trouble with the current version you can try this beta. You will be able to install it parallel to the old version.

Please notice: The settings menu is not working. You can not set the export path nor the export structure. Maybe a few other settings won’t have an effect to the export yet.

Please give me feedback and tell me about the Über Feedback zur stability and performance. I will start continue to work on this project again.

You can download the beta APK from the official GitHub page. Click here to start the download

Relaunch 2015

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Another year has passed and again this page appears in a new look. Now better, brighter and more modern than ever before.

I will add the missing content and download files in the next few days. The english translation will come a little later.

Update 20. April: The link on the maintenance site to the Play Music Exporter was linked to the older version 2.2.5. The correct Version 2.3.1 is now online again. Unfortunately I’ve noticed my faux pas today.